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The role of West Serbia region in the industrial development with a special review on the development of tourism

dc.contributor.advisorGligorijević, Živorad
dc.contributor.otherAranđelović, Zoran
dc.contributor.otherVeselinović, Predrag
dc.creatorNovović, Milan
dc.description.abstractWest Serbia region, in other words, Mačva, Kolubara, Zlatibor and Morava districts, possess various industrial and especially tourist values and wealth. According to the relatively favorable geographical position and enormous natural and anthropological wealth, we find it possible to develop tourism as priority industrial activity. Tourism in the beginning of 19th century gains new dimensions. Tourist areas on all continents are being opened with rapid growth, this leads to new distribution of tourist circulation and relocation of tourist destinations. Tourism still has characteristics of mass, but more attention is dedicated to selective tourism, smaller volume tourism. Because of the fact that tourism in modern conditions is oriented towards new areas and destinations, importance which tourism can have in the future industrial development of the region becomes obvious. With the selective types of tourism being developed, it is possible to also develop all year tourism in this part of Republic of Serbia. As the most significant selective types of tourism, distributed in areas, which can be developed on the whole territory of the region include next: in the plain area - city, religious, transit, fishing, festival.; in hilly area - rural, health, excursionist, sport and recreational, children and youth; and in the mountain area - winter sport and recreational, health, hunting, adventurous etc. Previously mentioned types of tourism could, with modest investment in relatively short terms give significant economical results. Development of tourism in that way could enable and provide development of other industrial activities like: agriculture, craft, trade and some other branches of manufacturing. The largest integrative relationship can be achieved between tourism and agriculture. As in this region developed extensive agricultural production already exists in smaller or bigger degree, biologically correct and healthy food for the tourist can be provided. Apart from that, agriculture provides constant and additional fulfillment of working positions in tourism, and by activating crafts and handcrafts made of natural materials, non boarding offers can be supplemented. In that way, complementary development of agriculture and tourism might start the development of other industrial activities, so it is quite obvious that their coexistence would give enormous contribution to the industrial development of this region. On the other hand, tourist transition is more and more directed towards ecologically preserved, industrially unproductive, agriculturally-extensive areas, so the region of West Serbia becomes even more interesting for the tourist from all around the world, what indicates multiple growth of foreign tourists transition in the last decade or so. With the development of West Serbia region and all of its potentials, especially tourist, a new chance for the industrial development of the whole country can be provided. That is the reason why all the necessary prerequisites must be provided and created so this region could use its potentials and chances which are not insignificant to finally obtain bigger role in the industrial development of Serbia which it certainly deserves. More important role of West Serbia region, according to this scenario, would be reflected in enhanced tourist transition, consumption, income in foreign currency, gross domestic production, employment etc.en
dc.publisherУниверзитет у Нишу, Економски факултетsr
dc.sourceУниверзитет у Нишуsr
dc.subjectPrivredni razvojsr
dc.subjectindustrial developmenten
dc.subjectregionalni razvojsr
dc.subjectregion Zapadne Srbijesr
dc.subjectselektivni turizamsr
dc.subjectturističke vrednostisr
dc.subjectregional developmenten
dc.subjectWest Serbia regionen
dc.subjectselective tourismen
dc.subjecttourist valuesen
dc.titleUloga regiona Zapadne Srbije u privrednom razvoju sa posebnim osvrtom na razvoj turizmasr
dc.titleThe role of West Serbia region in the industrial development with a special review on the development of tourismen
dcterms.abstractГлигоријевић, Живорад; Aранђеловић, Зоран; Веселиновић, Предраг; Нововић, Милан; Улога региона Западне Србије у привредном развоју са посебним освртом на развој туризма; Улога региона Западне Србије у привредном развоју са посебним освртом на развој туризма;

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