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Naive poem of Milovan Danojlić - poetic concept and critical practice

dc.contributor.advisorMikić, Radivoje
dc.creatorHamović, Valentina
dc.description.abstractThis work deals with Milovan Danojlic’s focus upon the concept of naïve poetry, which had far-reaching poetic reflections in his literary system. The work is divided into seven thematic sections. !fter the introductory chapter, in which the relevant stimuli for dealing with the subject matter in the title are stated, the second chapter examines the literary-historical and poetic context of Milovan Danojlic’s early poetry, as well the conditions for turning towards a new productive core – children's poetry, which will lead the poet towards the poetics of ultimate simplicity. The third chapter expounds on the theoretical propositions concerning the concept of naïve poem via Danojlic’s precise description of the nature and function of literature for children. It can be said that it is exactly in the theoretical discourse of this concept, which was initiated by Danojlic’s treatises and essays from the end of the 1950s and the beginning of the 1960s, that can for the first time be discernible that which can be called differentia specifica of literature for children within Serbian literature. The fourth chapter deals with the terminological specificities of the notion of naïve poem as seen from the relevant literary-historical and theoretical aspects. The fifth chapter is oriented towards the examination of the links between Danojlic’s theoretical pattern of poetry for children and the very poetry, through the stylistic, thematic and chronological survey of his collections of poetry for children. The sixth chapter introduces the consideration of Danojlic’s prose about childhood, which is according to its certain characteristics subsumed under the domain of naïve literature, and exactly within the boundaries set by the author himself. The last, seventh, chapter deals with the picture of childhood in Danojlic’s poetry and prose, since the phenomenon of childhood and growing up appears to be the key connective tissue between these two literary
dc.publisherУниверзитет у Београду, Филолошки факултетsr
dc.sourceУниверзитет у Београдуsr
dc.subjectknjiževnost za decusr
dc.subjectliterature for childrenen
dc.subjectMilovan Danojlićsr
dc.subjectnaivna pesmasr
dc.subjectnaivna prozasr
dc.subjectpesme i priče za pametnu decusr
dc.subjectMilovan Danojlicen
dc.subjectnaïve poemen
dc.subjectnaïve proseen
dc.subjectpoems and stories for smart childrenen
dc.titleНаивна песма Милована Данојлића - критички концепт и песничка праксаsr
dc.titleNaive poem of Milovan Danojlić - poetic concept and critical practiceen
dcterms.abstractМикић, Радивоје; Хамовић, Валентина; Naivna pesma Milovana Danojlića - kritički koncept i pesnička praksa;

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