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Causes and effects of financial crises in global economy

dc.contributor.advisorZdravković, Dušan
dc.contributor.otherStojanović, Boban
dc.contributor.otherVeselinović, Petar
dc.creatorKostić, Vladimir V.
dc.description.abstractThe scientific and professional public today often wonders why the Great depression (Krugman) from 1929 is relevant to all the crises which later occured, thus relevant to the financial crisis of 2008. Certainly there are reasons why the Great depression (breakdown) from 1929 isalso relevant tothe major crisis from 2008. In both cases the government knew what should be done. In both occasions it refused to do so. In the spring of 1929 several strict words from a high position, higher discount rates and determined investigation of pyramid schemes of the time could lead to the fall of house of cards on the Wall Streetbefore its fall destroyed the entire economy. In 2004 FBI warnОН tСО publТМ about “tСО ОpТНОmТМ oП publТМ ПrauНs”. OnМО aРaТn tСО РovОrnmОnt НТН notСТnР. AМtuallв, Тt НТН somОtСТnР аorsО, Тt alloаОН a combination of low interest rates, deregulation and clear signals that laws will not be obeyed. This only spread the fire. Originally, the current crisis is related to living space, where the problem was not the lack of it, but rather its abundance. Financial crises that took place during the 20th century, and especially during 1970s (official beginning of the globalization of the world economy) were consequences of the implosion of property prices or large depreciations of national currencies on the foreign exchange market. In some cases foreign exchange crises led to bank crises in other cases it was vice versa. Huge amounts of fictive capital that circle around the planet create a possibility to flood the market. The beginning of globalization is marked by instability and occasional crises. The markets of shares, goods, estate and oil are instable. Financial bubbles always explode, simply because by definition a bubble consists of an unsustainable pattern of changing prices and money.en
dc.publisherУниверзитет у Нишу, Економски факултетsr
dc.sourceУниверзитет у Нишуsr
dc.subjectGlobalna ekonomijasr
dc.subjectfinancial bubbleen
dc.subjectfinansijski mehursr
dc.subjectbankarske krizesr
dc.subjectbank crisesen
dc.subjectforeign exchange crisesen
dc.titleUzroci i posledice finansijskih kriza u globalnoj ekonomijisr
dc.titleCauses and effects of financial crises in global economyen
dcterms.abstractЗдравковић, Душан; Веселиновић, Петар; Стојановић, Бобан; Костић, Владимир В.; Узроци и последице финансијских криза у глобалној економији; Узроци и последице финансијских криза у глобалној економији;

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