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Improving and developing of the method for accidents avoidance analysis, accidents type: passenger car - bicycle

dc.contributor.advisorVujanić, Milan P.
dc.contributor.otherLipovac, Krsto P.
dc.contributor.otherJovanović, Dragan
dc.creatorAntić, Boris Ž.
dc.description.abstractDeveloped countries, especially ones with good geographic and climatic characteristics for cycling, recognized long time ago the benefits of using bicycle as a mean of transport, peculiarly by motivating passenger car users towards the wider use of bicycle. Some of the most significant advantages of cycling are health improving, emission and congestion reductions, mitigation of problems with traffic noise and parking in central urban areas etc. Traffic casualties are global world problem and cyclists are especially demoralized for resolving the above mentioned problems because they are classified as vulnerable road users. According to that, it is essential to take measures for improving the level of cyclists safety in traffic, and thus to create conditions for popularization of cycling. Besides phenomenological approach in traffic accident investigation and reconstruction (spatial distribution, time distribution, types of accidents, particular characteristics of traffic accidents, etc.), etiological approach is more significant because of more detailed causes and circumstances analyses of cyclists endangerment in traffic and results of these analyses are basis for measures in traffic safety improvement. Traffic accident reconstruction is the analysis of the occurring circumstances, but also analysis of circumstances under which could be avoided. Expertise presents investigation which is done by expert, so in traffic accident reconstruction it is necessary to realize a lot of complex procedures in order to assess traffic accident occurrence. Part of a time-distance analysis which is the most relevant for defining the causes and circumstances of traffic accidents is avoidance analysis.en
dc.publisherУниверзитет у Београду, Саобраћајни факултетsr
dc.sourceУниверзитет у Београдуsr
dc.subjectTraffic Safetysr
dc.subjectTraffic Accident Expertisesr
dc.subjectArriving-gaining on Crashessr
dc.subjectTime-distance Analysissr
dc.subjectAccident Avoidance Analysissr
dc.subjectAvoidance Speed (Distance Criteriasr
dc.subjectTime Criteria)sr
dc.titleУнапређење и развој метода за анализу могућности избегавања незгода типа путнички аутомобил - бициклsr
dc.titleImproving and developing of the method for accidents avoidance analysis, accidents type: passenger car - bicycleen
dcterms.abstractВујанић, Милан П.; Јовановић, Драган; Липовац, Крсто П.; Aнтић, Борис Ж.; Unapređenje i razvoj metoda za analizu mogućnosti izbegavanja nezgoda tipa putnički automobil - bicikl;

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