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dc.contributor.advisorDimovski, Darko T.
dc.contributor.otherKostić, Miomira
dc.contributor.otherGrujić, Zdravko
dc.creatorTošić, Danijela
dc.descriptionAlthough violence against women is now spoken more freely than ever, there is still a high dark figure of crime in this type of violence, especially domestic violence, which should be reduced. After the analysis of the phenomenology of violence, and then the etiology, as well as the situation in our country, as well as the countries of the former SFRY, the analysis of the data obtained by the performed research is presented in the dissertation. All of this together makes one of the whole from which one can draw the conclusion that it is the weakest areas in which the state, but also the society can take measures to prevent the occurrence of violence against women or reduce it. The main research objective could be formulated as a search for statistical data on the phenomenological and etiological characteristics of violence against women, with particular reference to domestic violence as the most common type of violence against women. Scientific research should determine the degree of progress in the development of society in terms of recognizing human rights for all and under equal conditions. The phenomenology of violence against women should show what are the basic forms of violence that women face and whether they are exposed to this type of violence simply because they are women or are not gender-based violence. A comparative legal analysis of violence would show what difficulties the countries in the region face regarding the issue of violence against women. Whether in all these countries domestic violence is a criminal offense or not, what are the penalties provided for the perpetrator? Finally, on the basis of theoretical analyzes and empirical research, the prevention measures will be outlined and ways to reduce violence against women in society.en
dc.publisherУниверзитет у Нишу, Правни факултетsr
dc.sourceУниверзитет у Нишуsr
dc.subjectNasilje u porodicisr
dc.subjectDomestic violenceen
dc.subjectexogenous factorsen
dc.subjectendogenous factorsen
dc.subjectthe Law on the Prevention of Domestic Violenceen
dc.subjectegzogeni faktorisr
dc.subjectendogeni faktorisr
dc.subjectZakon o sprečavanju nasilja u porodicisr
dc.titleSavremeni koncept nasilja nad ženamasr

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