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Унапређење процеса планирања производног програма у пословно-производним системима

dc.contributor.advisorMisita, Mirjana
dc.contributor.otherBabić, Bojan R.
dc.contributor.otherSedmak, Aleksandar
dc.contributor.otherSpasojević-Brkić, Vesna
dc.contributor.otherTadić, Danijela
dc.creatorSenussi, Galal Hamed
dc.description.abstractThe aim of doctoral thesis is establishing a new model for production program optimization which is follow the systematization of existing knowledge in field of production program planning and integration method such as activity base calculate, genetic algorithm, and risk management. This research introduces a contemporary model design for production program planning in business-manufacturing systems. An integrated model of ABC method and GA technique for cost volume profit (CVP) problems is developed. It applies to check the objective function and constraint function, and to obtain the optimal solution. It uses data provided by ABC systems designed to keep track of variable and fixed costs, and requires the model user to formulate a contribution rule that will allow to compute, for each product, the output required to achieve a given (target) profit. The purpose of the integrated model construction is to invest C-V-P analysis with realism, and to remove a basic deficiency from the traditional CV- P model. In this research also, an integrated model of risk management and GA introduces to evaluate the observed results of production program and reduces the risk of operating losses and affects in the efficiency of management in production program planning as well. The integrated model enables the management to choose the best among alternative products and to determine concurrently optimal production levels in the light of a firm's goals and
dc.description.abstractПредмет докторске дисертације је пројектовање новог модела за унапређење процеса планирања производног програма применом пројектованог модела за оптимизацију производног програма у пословно-производним системима...en
dc.publisherУниверзитет у Београду, Машински факултетsr
dc.rightsBez licence - direktna primena zakona
dc.sourceУниверзитет у Београдуsr
dc.subjectProduction Programsr
dc.subjectпроизводни програмen
dc.subjectвишекритеријумска оптимизацијаen
dc.subjectгенетски алгоритмиen
dc.subjectуправљање ризикомen
dc.subjectMulti-Objective Optimizationsr
dc.subject(GA) Genetic Algorithmsr
dc.subject(ABC) Activity-Based Costingsr
dc.subjectRisk Managementsr
dc.titleImprovment of the production program planning process in business production systemsr
dc.titleУнапређење процеса планирања производног програма у пословно-производним системимаen
dcterms.abstractМисита, Мирјана; Тадић, Данијела; Бабић, Бојан Р.; Седмак, Aлександар; Спасојевић-Бркић, Весна; Сенусси, Галал Хамед; Unapređenje procesa planiranja proizvodnog programa u poslovno-proizvodnim sistemima;

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