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Kvalitativno ponašanje i tačno rešenje nelineare talasne jednačine KDV

dc.contributor.advisorMateljević, Miodrag
dc.contributor.otherKnežević, Miljan
dc.contributor.otherArsenović, Miloš
dc.contributor.otherJovanović, Božidar
dc.creatorMostafa, Attia
dc.description.abstractMost phenomena in the scientific field and other domains can be described and classified as nonlinear diffusion equation which normally results from natural phenomena that appear in our daily lives such as water waves at the beach caused by wind or tides, the movement of a ship, or by raindrops; the same applies to other physical and mathematical phenomena. In this study, we tried to find a solution to this kind of equations. IN CHAPTER ONE, we gave brief history of the beginning of the study of waves and we talked about some famous scientists who were interested in this field. IN CHAPTER TWO, we highlighted the diversity and classification of equations in terms of: Linear, Non-linear, Dispersive and Non-dispersive. IN CHAPTER THREE, we introduced the Painlevé method and we applied it into the KdV and modified KdV equations, and in addition to that, we were able to find analytic solutions for these equations. IN CHAPTERS FOUR AND FIVE, we showed several methods of scheme difference, we focused our study on the non-linear term of the KdV equation. IN CHAPTER SIX, we gave some examples of the scheme difference methods and we applied them by Matlab programs. Moreover, our work is supported by pictures and figures. CHAPTER SEVEN shows the future works, we enhanced the work by
dc.publisherУниверзитет у Београду, Математички факултетsr
dc.rightsBez licence - direktna primena zakona
dc.sourceУниверзитет у Београдуsr
dc.subjectwater waves, KdV equations,analytic solutionssr
dc.titleQualitative behavior and exact travelling nonlinear wave solutions of the KDV equationsr
dc.titleKvalitativno ponašanje i tačno rešenje nelineare talasne jednačine KDVen
dcterms.abstractМатељевић, Миодраг; Јовановић, Божидар; Кнежевић, Миљан; Aрсеновић, Милош; Мостафа, Aттиа;

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