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Komponente na bazi silicijum karbida u elektronskim kolima velike snage

dc.contributor.advisorŠašić, Rajko
dc.contributor.otherLončar, Boris
dc.contributor.otherOstojić, Stanko
dc.contributor.otherLukić, Petar
dc.contributor.otherPlemiš, Svetlana
dc.creatorAbood, Imhimmad Alsadik
dc.description.abstractSilicon has been the number one choice of materials for over 40 years. It has reached an almost perfected stage through extensive research for so many years; now it is cheap to be manufactured and performs very reliably at room temperature. However, as modem electronics move to a more advanced level with increasing complexity, materials other than silicon are under consideration. Several areas where Silicon shows shortcomings in high temperature environments and high voltage conditions. The Silicon devices need to be shielded – cooled, are limited to operation at low temperature and low blocking voltage by virtue physical and electric properties. So silicon devices are restricted and have focused on low power electronics applications only, these various limitations in the use of Si devices has led to development of wide band gap semiconductors such as Silicon carbide . And because there is an urgent need for high voltage electronics for advanced technology represented in (transportation - space - communications - power systems) in which silicon has failed to be used. Due to various properties of Silicon carbide like lower intrinsic carrier concentration (10–35 orders of magnitude), higher electric breakdown field (4–20 times), higher thermal conductivity (3–13 times), larger saturated electron drift velocity (2–2.5 times),wide band gap (2.2 eV) and higher, more isotropic bulk electron mobility comparable to that of Si. These properties make it a potential material to overcome the limitations of Si. The fact that wide band gap semiconductors are capable of electronic functionality, particularly in the case of SiC. 4H-SiC is a potentially useful material for high temperature devices because of its refractory nature. So Silicon Carbide (SiC) will bring solid-state power electronics to a new horizon by expanding to applications in the high voltage power electronics sectors. It is the better choice for use in high temperature environment and high voltage conditions. Silicon carbide is about to replace Si material very quickly and scientifically will force Si to get retired. The superior characteristics of silicon carbide, have suggested considering as the next generation of power semiconductor devices. And because our study will concentrate on the use of semiconductors on high voltage unipolar power electronics devices. DIMOSFET will be...en_US
dc.publisherУниверзитет у Београду, Технолошко-металуршки факултетen_US
dc.sourceУниверзитет у Београду
dc.titleInvestigation of silicon carbide based high voltage and high power electronics componentsen_US
dc.title.alternativeKomponente na bazi silicijum karbida u elektronskim kolima velike snagesr
dcterms.abstractШашић, Рајко; Лончар, Борис; Остојић, Станко; Лукић, Петар; Племиш, Светлана; Aбоод, Имхиммад Aлсадик;

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