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    A Contribution of Information Technology in Strategic Planning in Higher Education Institutions [1]
    A Model for Sustainable Electrical and Electronic Waste Management in Serbia [1]
    Agribusiness Development Strategy [1]
    Agriculture Revitalization in Podunavski Districtby Using the Enterpreneurship Model of theOrganic Production [1]
    Analiza efikasnosti informacionih sistema u funkciji procene rizika u finansijskim institucijama [1]
    Analiza poreskog opterećenja i drugih otežavajućih faktora za razvoj preduzetništva u Srbiji [1]
    Analiza problema siromaštva u Republici Srbiji – uzroci, posledice i mogućnosti otklanjanja [1]
    Analyses of the problem of poverty in the Republic of Serbia – causes, consequences and possibilities of elimination [1]
    Application of financial risk management systems in Serbian enterprises [1]
    Application of mathematical andstatistical methods in research supply and demand meat [1]
    Application of the value at risk concept in the emerging markets in the context of baseland standards [1]
    Bologna Process and Impact on Management and Quality Control in Higher Education [1]
    Bolonjski proces i uticaj na menadžment i kontrolu kvaliteta u visokom obrazovanju [1]
    Cultural differences in the motives of using Social Networks [1]
    Discount rate as a factor of valuation of capital [1]
    Diskontna stopa kao faktor procene vrednosti kapitala [1]
    Doprinos informacionih tehnologija u strateškom planiranju u visokoobrazovnim institucijama [1]
    Ecological and social importance of resolving the problem of stray dogs in the city of Krusevac [1]
    Economic and Energetic Effects of Geothermal Energy Usage in the Agribusiness Sector of the Vojvodina Region [1]
    Economic freedom as an indicator of economic growth in European countries [1]