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    Analysis of risk factors for suicidal behavior within affective and schizophrenic disorders [1]
    Application of scoring systems in assessment of critically ill patients in different phases of treatment [1]
    Comparative analyisis of phisical properties and the quality of adhesive bonding to dental tissues of "bulk- fill" and universal composites [1]
    Distribution of pathogens in the cardiovaskular system of patients suffering from atherosclerosis [1]
    Effects of different affective temperament types on adolescents behavior, interests and problematic internet use [1]
    Epidemiological significances of malignat disease on Kosovo i Metohija [1]
    Evaluation of the methods for assessing the relationship between risk factors and outcomes from cohort studies and case-control studies: Systematic review with meta-analysis [1]
    Helicobacter pylori инфекција и малигна обољења желуца [1]
    Impact of cataract surgery on visual function and quality of life in treated patients [1]
    Importance of kinesitherapy in fall prevention in institutionalized older people [1]
    Indications and comparison of methods of treatment of acute injury deltoid ligament the ankle [1]
    Methods of suicide attempts in inpatients with schizophrenia and affective disorders [1]
    Oksidacioni stres i elementi antioksidacione zaštite u genezi katarakte [1]
    Oncological and functional results of treatment for larynegal cancer [1]
    Professional stress of health workers with different characteristic of stress load [1]
    Risk forms of sexual behavior for hiv infection between seamen's in Montenegro [1]
    Significance of serological markers of hepatitis B and hepatitis C virus infections in different risk groups in serbian environment of Kosovo and Metohija [1]
    The using of conventional panoramic and cone-beam computed tomography images in diagnosis and planning orthodontic therapy for impacted maxillary canines [1]
    Анализа фактора ризика за суицидално понашање код афективних и схизофрених поремећаја [1]
    Анатомска локализација и примена видеоендоскопске методе код ендометриозе у инфертилних жена [1]