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    Infekcija respiratornim sincicijalnim virusom kao determinanta razvoja hiperreaktivnosti bronhijalnog stabla kod dece uzrasta do 2 godine u odnosu na atopiju [1]
    Influence of biometeorological phases, air pollution and other risk factors on stroke incidence [1]
    Influence of bone density and bone vascularity in the posterior maxilla on initial stability of self-tapping implants [1]
    Influence of different irrigation solutions on dentin and dentin tubules of single-rooted teeth [1]
    Influence of diuretic therapy on urinary excretion of radioiodine 131I in patients with differentiated thyroid cancer [1]
    Influence of gene polymorphism BCL-2+ and MYC+ determined by FISH on the prognosis of patients with diffuse large B cell lymphoma treated by immunochemotherapy [1]
    Influence of hydration status on sport performance of the young basketball players during several days competitive tournament [1]
    Influence of l-ascorbic acid and alpha-tocopherol on prooxidant and antioxidant system of guinea pigs during excessive physical activity [1]
    Influence of P582S and A588T polymorphisms in the HIF-1α gene on the expression of proteins HIF-1α and VEGF with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma [1]
    Influence of the dialysis membrane type on quality of life, clinical outcomes and laboratory parameters in patients undergoing hemodialysis [1]
    Influence of the serum ionized magnesium level as indicator of excitotoxicity on psychiatric comorbidity in drug resistant epilepsy [1]
    Influence of valproic acid application during breeding and gestation in the mouse animal model - effect on psychomotor development in offspring [1]
    Interakcije između lekova kod bolesnika sa akutnim koronarnim sindromom u zavisnosti od faze lečenja [1]
    Investigation of the antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of the extracts of three selected plant species of the genus Daphne [1]
    Investigation of the effect of acclimation on the concentration of stress hormones and hemostatic factors in serum of soldiers exposed to heat stress in physical activity [1]
    Investigation of the effects of a diet enriched with aronia extract on the onset and development of metabolic syndrome in an animal model [1]
    Ispitivanje antimikrobne i antioksidativne aktivnosti ekstrakata tri odabrane biljne vrste roda Daphne [1]
    Ispitivanje antimikrobnih, antiinflamacijskih, antioksidacionih i kardioprotektivnih efekata ekstrakta ivanjskog cveća, Galium verum L [1]
    Ispitivanje antimikrobnog, antiinflamatornog i antihistaminskog dejstva ekstrakta Potentilla reptans L [1]
    Ispitivanje antioksidativne i antitumorske aktivnosti ekstrakata tri odabrane vrste lišajeva Cladonia subulata, Pleurosticta acetabulum i Physcia semipinnata [1]