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    Computer modeling and optimization of stents design [1]
    Data Mining and optimization of mathematical models in biomedical engineering [1]
    Detekcija otkaza kotrljajnih ležajeva primenom naprednih vremensko-frekvencijskih metoda analize signala vibracija [1]
    Development and application of heuristic optimization methods in mechanical constructions [1]
    Development and implementation of multimodal system for attention monitoring in naturalistic work environments. [1]
    Development and implementation of thermo-mechanical constitutive model for numerical analysis of shape memory alloys [1]
    Development of acquisition system and algorithms for registration towards modeling displacement and deformation of the contour on the digital image [1]
    Development of fuzzy multi-criteria mathematical model and software solution for evaluation and management of technical and technological projects [1]
    Development of innovation management model for improving business excellence of small and medium enterprises [1]
    Development of the maintenance improvement model in small and medium enterprises based on principles of total productive maintenance [1]
    Electro-machanical cochlea model and response analysis [1]
    Elektro-mehanički model kohlee i analiza odziva modela [1]
    Energetsko-eksergetska optimizacija veličina fotonaponskih panela i solarnih kolektora kod kuća neto-nulte potrošnje energije [1]
    Energy and exergy optimization of photovoltaic and solar collectors area at zero-net energy building [1]
    Fruction and wear analisys of metal matriks nanocomposites [1]
    Heating energy consumption optimization of multifamily residential building sector of the city using energy model [1]
    Identifikacija, analiza i klasifikacija kretanja zgloba kolena [1]
    Improvement of energy-exergy efficiency by applying the panel systems for heating the net-zero energy house [1]
    Improvement of the key indicators of business performance in the foundry industry [1]
    Improvement of workplace risk assessment model based on fuzzy set theory and prognostics [1]