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    Analiza primene samonarezujuće antirotacione fiksacije u hirurškom tretmanu preloma vrata butne kosti [1]
    Analiza sistemskih efekata inflamacije i težine bolesti kod obolelih od hronične opstruktivne bolesti pluća [1]
    Analysis of systemic effects of inflammation and disease severity in patients suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease [1]
    Application of multimarker approach to risk stratification among patients on dialysis [1]
    Assessment of biophysical, biochemical and microbiological parameters in the prediction of preterm birth [1]
    Biološka aktivnost depsidona i atranorina izolovanih iz lišaja Hypogymnia physodes [1]
    Biomarkeri apoptoze i ćelijske signalizacije u patogenezi kolorektalnog karcinoma [1]
    Biomarkers of apoptosis and cell signaling in colon cancer pathogenesis [1]
    Characteristics and interconnectedness of empathy and parenting in the adolescents with conduct disorder [1]
    Clinical and biochemical assessment of endothelial dysfunction and inflammation in renal transplant recipients : PhD dissertation [1]
    Clinical course of ovarian carcinoma depending on patohistological and immunohistochemical characteristics [1]
    Comparative analysis of longitudinal dorsal and lateroventral dartos flap in complications prevention in surgical treatment of distal and midshaft hypospadias using snodgrass technique [1]
    Comparative analysis of parameters for multislice computed tomography and histopathological findings in lung cancer [1]
    Comparative clinic, immunologic, cytogenetic and karyometric analysis of acute leukemias [1]
    Correlation of global pattern, pigment distribution and colour of melanocytic nevi determined by dermoscopy to skin type and age [1]
    Detekcija mehanizama rezistencije na karbapeneme kod enterobakterija i vrste Pseudomonas aeruginosa [1]
    Determination of the relation between the chronic ”an plaque” psoriasis and the main criteria of the metabolic syndrome [1]
    Diagnostic and prognostic role of serum amiloid a, procalcitonin and d-dimer in patients with community acquired pneumonia [1]
    Dijagnostički i prognostički značaj serumskog amiloida A, prokalcitonina i D-dimera kod bolesnika sa vanbolnički stečenom pneumonijom [1]
    Distribution of mutations and r202q polymorphism of the gene for familial Mediterranean fever and their influence on oxidative stress and clinical manifestations of inflammation [1]