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  • Slovensko-srbský bilingvizmus vo Vojvodine (Slovačko-srpska dvojezičnost u Vojvodini) 

    members of ethnic minorities (as is the case ofSlovaks in Vojvodina). Whether a bilingualSlovak from Vojvodina will use one language(Slovak) or the other language (Serbian)depends on the communicative situation and theinterlocutor (if he/she is bilingual ormonolingual). Linguistic competence in bothlanguages is not the same with all Slovak-Serbian speakers and in their communicationthere is a lot of code-switching.This research in brief included thefollowing questions: 1) what forms of Slovak-Serbian bilingualism in Vojvodina are there; 2)where are these two languages uses in parallel;3) at what level is the competence of Slovak-Serbian bilingual speakers; 4) what are theattitudes of Slovak-Serbian bilingual speakersregarding their linguistic competence in one orthe other language. The general aim of theresearch was to present a detailed andcomprehensive picture of Slovak-Serbianbilingualism in Vojvodina.
    Тирова, Зузана (University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Philosophy, 05-09-2016)