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    Changes in social relationships in agriculture of Vojvodinaand its development from 1950 to 1957 [1]
    Characteristics and development of preschool education in Serbia [1]
    Cognitive and affective education in NewEducation Movement at the beginning of the 20thcentury – present relevancy of original ideas [1]
    Comorbidity in the context of Disruptive Behavior Disorders: one or more disorders [1]
    Comparative Analysis of Collaborativeand Independent Writing in Primary-School EFLTeaching [1]
    Comparative analysis of EFL teaching inelementary schools in Japan and Serbia [1]
    Constructivist approach to student academic achievement [1]
    Contrastive Genre Analysis of Texts onTI Classical Music in English and Serbian [1]
    Contribution of religious education to morality of young [1]
    Corporeal and Spatial Metaphors in the Novels of Sarah Waters [1]
    Cross-linguistic influence in the thirdlanguage acquisition [1]
    Culinary terminology in French, Italian andSerbian phraseology [1]
    Culinary terminology of Vojvodina [1]
    Činioci akademske motivacije učenika – efekti učeničke percepcije motivacionih stilova nastavnika [1]
    Članovi dinastija jugoistočne Evrope u srednjovekovnoj Ugarskoj [1]
    Designing Business English Course for the Purposeof Developing Pragmatic Competence Important forthe Advancement of Business Communication [1]
    Determinante iluzija samopoboljšanja u situaciji doživljenog neuspeha [1]
    Determinants of self-enhancement in the situation of failure [1]
    Dictionary of the Kingsʼ Hagiogaphies by Archbishop Danilo II (according to the Manuscript of Daniloʼs Codex in the Archives of SASA, 1553.) [1]
    Discourse analysis of conversation in court /courtroom discourse: judge – defendant [1]