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    The origin and transformation of the administrative buildings built between 1790 and 1941 on Vojvodina territory [1]
    The possibilities for application of energy from agricultural biomass pyrolysis [1]
    The proposal of new measures for assessing the picture quality when interpolation and its implementation in the computer processing of the image signal [1]
    The Recent Contribution to Calibration of Current Transformers Language of [1]
    The Relations and Transformations of the Physical Structures in the Urban Planning of Vojvodina Towns After 2000. [1]
    The relationship of professional and lifestyle of employees and managementstyle organization [1]
    The Role of the Urban and Rural Block in Forming of Structure and Identity ofSettlements in Vojvodina [1]
    The Schur complement and H-matrix theory [1]
    The system for processing parameter identification in printing [1]
    The System of Presentation of Three-Dimensional Models of Architectural Structures by the Method of Augmented Reality [1]
    Theory of the Real Integrated Harmonic Instrument [1]
    Tipovi sa presekom i kontrola resursa u intuicionističkom sekventnom lambda računu [1]
    Tipski sistemi za kontrolu memorije i prava pristupa [1]
    Tractor tire vibration behavior modeling by using artificial neural networks [1]
    Transdisciplinarna istraživačka paradigma u razvoju održive fizičke strukture grada [1]
    Transdisciplinary research paradigm in sustainable development of the physical structure of the city [1]
    Transformacija javnih prostora banatskih sela u Vojvodini od XVIII do XXI veka [1]
    Transformacija prostora u mesto: stalnosti i promene poetičkog dejstva mesta [1]
    Transformacije gradskog bloka i tranzicioni prostori u XX i početkom XXI veka – ideali i ideje o gradu [1]
    Transformation of public space in settlements of Banat region of Vojvodina between 18th and 21st century [1]