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    Surface structure characterization of non-printing elements of offset CtPthermal printing form [1]
    Synthesis and realization of biped walk using primitives [1]
    Synthesis of metallic nanoparticles in electrolyte plasma interface [1]
    Šurov komplement i teorija H-matrica [1]
    Temporal approach in research methods of road traffic accidents frequency [1]
    Teorija realnog integrisanog merila harmonika [1]
    The adaptive boundary exposure assessment approach for the highfrequency electric fields [1]
    The algorithm for improving the thermal comfort in urban environment [1]
    The application of meta-heuristics to optimise load distribution in machine elements and assemblies [1]
    The application of tribological research on primary parts of valves in gas systems [1]
    The Chinese garden – Architecture and Culture of Garden in Chinese Tradition [1]
    The development model of organizational climate in the efficient relationship with customers [1]
    The development of a general model for implementing an integratedmanagement system based on risk assessment in processes of organization [1]
    The development of advanced control algorithms for dual three-phaseinduction machines drives [1]
    The development of model for the dangerous goods risk calculation inlogistics systems [1]
    The Development of Phone Duration Model in Speech Synthesis in theSerbian Language [1]
    The development of underground residential houses and their цontemporary implementation in Serbia [1]
    The impact of organizational klimate and leadership on employees’ knowledge sharing in organizations [1]
    The impact of the reverse logistics success factors and implementationbarriers on organizational performance [1]
    The implications of climate changes on catastrophe losses in insurance [1]