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    The development of a general model for implementing an integratedmanagement system based on risk assessment in processes of organization [1]
    The development of advanced control algorithms for dual three-phaseinduction machines drives [1]
    The development of model for the dangerous goods risk calculation inlogistics systems [1]
    The Development of Phone Duration Model in Speech Synthesis in theSerbian Language [1]
    The development of underground residential houses and their цontemporary implementation in Serbia [1]
    The impact of organizational klimate and leadership on employees’ knowledge sharing in organizations [1]
    The impact of the reverse logistics success factors and implementationbarriers on organizational performance [1]
    The implications of climate changes on catastrophe losses in insurance [1]
    The indicator of fountain solution aging in offset printing [1]
    The influence of internet communities on communication-social processes in the networked environment [1]
    The influence of leader-member communication on employee organizational commitment [1]
    The influence of organisational culture and structure of the company on the project success [1]
    The influence of values on the relationship of authentic leadership and internal communication in militaryorganizational systems [1]
    The key success factors of small and medium-sized enterprises in transition [1]
    The model for the improvement of maintenance of railway vehicles using the diagnostic system [1]
    The model of brand building as a determinant of economy development [1]
    The model of the life insurance process quality improvement [1]
    The models for identification and quantification of the determinants of ICT adoption in logistics enterprises [1]
    The numerical simulation model of gas turbine facility for biomass gasification gas application [1]
    The objective of modelling and implementation of accelerated development of Vojvodina’s e-administration [1]