Приказ резултата 84-103 од 918

    Characterisation of manufacturing parameters of embossing dies produced by 3D printing technique [1]
    Cloud Infrastructure-based Advanced Distribution Management System [1]
    Co-design of architectures and algorithms for mobile robot localization and model-based detection of obstacles [1]
    Cognitively Inspired Computational Memory Model with Applications in Robotics [1]
    Colorimetric Characterization of Prints Enhanced with Goniochromatic Pigments [1]
    Comparing Data Sets Using Graphs [1]
    Complex Short-Circuit Calculation in Unbalanced Distribution Networks with Distributed Energy Resources [1]
    Compressed air quality as a function of sustainable production [1]
    Concentration levels of persistent organic pollutants and management of POP inheterogeneous system of municipal waste landfills [1]
    Conceptions of Development of Universal Gear Reducers [2]
    Consumerism and Architectural Narratives in Modern Interior at the Turn of the 21st Century [1]
    Context Sensitive Access Control Model TI for Business Processes [1]
    Context-Dependent Speech Recognition in Human-Machine Interaction [1]
    Contribution assessment life of construction derrick plant for investigation oil andgas [1]
    Contribution to gear pairs faults identification using mechanical vibration signal analysis techniques [1]
    Contribution to the development of the methodology of optimization works and accuracy in land consolidation projects [1]
    Contribution to the optimization of digital measurements performance [1]
    Contribution to the study of conditions for agile method adoption in companies [1]
    Convolution of external factors in the assessment of risk of accidents in railway system [1]
    Creating a model information system for human resource management in businesssystems [1]