Приказ резултата 102-121 од 890

    Decomposition of neural activity: model for empirical characterization of inter-spike intervals [1]
    Dejstva uskladištenog zrnastog materijala na armiranobetonske cilindrične ćelije silosa [1]
    Dekodovanje MTR kodova principom finog odlučivanja na kanalima za magnetsko memorisanje informacija [1]
    Dekompozicija neuralne aktivnosti: model za empirijsku karakterizaciju inter-spajk intervala [1]
    Design and Characterization of an Inductor and a Low-Noise Amplifier inMonolithic Integrated Circuit Technology for Wideband Operation [1]
    Design of fixture elements from the aspect of fixture-workpiece inteface load capacity and compliance [1]
    Design of incremental capacitive angular position and speed sensor utilizing flexible substrates [1]
    Design of nanolayered and nanocomposite metal-nitride coatings [1]
    Design, fabrication and characterisation of humidity and force sensors based on carbon nanomaterials [1]
    Design, optimization and characterization of LC sensors for wireless measurement of moisture concentration in building materials [1]
    Detection model of benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylene in exhaust gases of motor vehicles by using gas chromatography in evaluating of ambient air pollution [1]
    Detekcija nule A/D konvertorom niske rezolucije [1]
    Determining the parameters of correlation election of actuator and production cycle time [1]
    Developing methods for determining technical and exploitation parameters of pushboats and pushed convoys [1]
    Development model of companies in the field of electricity distribution sector [1]
    Development model of railway passengers transportation inintegrated transport systems [1]
    Development of a functional model of organizational design of industrial systems [1]
    Development of a method for assessing the efficiency of agriculturalbiogas plants using fuzzy logic and expert systems [1]
    Development of a model for collaboration and it’s impact on organizational performance [1]
    Development of a model for e-procurement, based onpractical aspects of quality management [1]