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    Alcoholic fermentation of sugar beet molasses and thickjuice by immobilized Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells [1]
    Alkoholna fermentacija melase i gustog soka šećerne repe pomoću imobilisanih ćelija Saccharomyces cerevisiae [1]
    Analiza uticaja genetskih, mikroklimatskih i ekoloških faktora na sastav glutena i tehnološki kvalitet sorti pšenice [1]
    Analysis of the impact of genetic, microclimatic and environmental factors on the composition of gluten and technological quality of wheat [1]
    Andvanced coupled techniques in the analysis ofxenobiotics [1]
    Antibacterial activity of Domestic Balkan donkey's milk [1]
    Antibakterijska aktivnost mleka magarice balkanske rase [1]
    Antioksidanti u zrnu soje i njegovim proizvodima [1]
    Antioksidativna aktivnost fermentisanih mlečnih proizvoda dobijenih pomoću kombuhe [1]
    Antioksidativna, antiproliferativna i antimikrobna aktivnost odabranih ekstrakata tropova bobičastog voća [1]
    Antioxidant activity of fermented milk products obtained by means of kombucha [1]
    Antioxidants in soybean grain and soybean products [1]
    Antioxidative, antiproliferative and antimicrobial activity of selected berry pomace extracts [1]
    Antiradical and antiproliferative activity of selected plantextracts from Rosaceae and Ericaceae family [1]
    Antiradikalska i antiproliferativna aktivnost ekstrakata odabranih biljaka iz familija rosaceae i ericaceae [1]
    Application of chitosan-ionic surfactant system for the preparation of microcapsules with oil content [1]
    Application of the protein-polymer interaction for the formation of microcapsules with controlled release of the active substance [1]
    Application possibility of high protein sunflower meal fractions obtained by combination of grinding and air classification in the production of extrudedfish feed [1]
    Autentičnost cerealija i pseudocerealija – razvoj novih metoda analize brašna i gotovih pekarskih proizvoda [1]
    Authenticity of cereals and pseudocereals -development of new methods for the analysis of flour and final bakery products [1]