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    Synthesis, microstructure and functional characterization of multiferroic BaTiO3/NiFe2O4 multilayered thin films [1]
    Temperaturni efekti na reakcije degradacije i kondenzacije aminokiselina [1]
    Termalna svojstva proteina mesa u procesu osmotske dehidratacije u melasi šećerne repe [1]
    The application of technological processes of spontaneous fermentation and osmotic dehydration for improving the nutritional profile, sensory characteristics and viability of cabbage [1]
    The effect of addition of plant protein concentrates in animal feed on pellet quality [1]
    The effect of dietary supplementation with essential oils mixture on production characteristics and broiler chicken meat quality [1]
    The effect of spice extracts on the growth of moulds and mycotoxinbiosynthesis [1]
    The Effect of the Osmotic DehydrationProcess on Mass Transfer and Pork MeatQuality [1]
    The effects of osmotic dehydration parameterson the kinetics, functional and antioxidantcharacteristics of nettle leaf (Urtica dioica) [1]
    The examination of network formation theories ad rubber elasticity on model poly(urethane-isocyanurate) systems [1]
    The impact of motorway proximity on microelements content in wheat and agricultural land [1]
    The impact of raw material composition and technological process on the metal content in chocolate and spread products [1]
    The influence od feed heat treatements on changes of starch component and digestibility [1]
    The influence of composition of polyvinyl chloride mixture and technological conditions of production on the properties of the foam floor coverings [1]
    The influence of different technological parameters during standardization of safety and quality on the color formation of traditional fermented sausage (Petrovačka kobasica) [2]
    The influence of filler nanoparticles on the properties of elastomeric materials for special applications [1]
    The influence of probiotic yeast Saccharomyces boulardii on the adhesion of Candida glabrata [1]
    The preparation of emulsions as carriers of activecomponents by homogenization and stirred cell membrane emulsification [1]
    The simulation of the particles movement during transport in the static mixer and modified screw conveyor using discrete element method [1]