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    Optimizacija tehnološkog postupka pripreme kvasnog testa za zamrzavane pekarske proizvode [1]
    Optimizacija tehnološkog procesa proizvodnje funkcionalnog fermentisanog mlečnog napitka [1]
    Optimizacija tehnološkog procesa proizvodnje namaza sa visokim sadržajem omega masnih kiselina upotrebom pogače semena uljane tikve golice [1]
    Optimizacija uslova umnožavanja i primarnog izdvajanja biomase Bacillus sp. za primenu u fitomedicini [1]
    Optimization of antagonists of storage apple pathogens biosynthesis by Streptomyces hygroscopicus [1]
    Optimization of cultivation and separation processes for production of Bacillus sp. biomass intended for application in phytomedicine [1]
    Optimization of ethanol production from intermediate products of sugar beet technology [1]
    Optimization of feed mixing process in the vertical and hoop mixer [1]
    Optimization of fruit drying in vacuum [1]
    Optimization of novel extraction techniques for apigenin isolation from chamomile flowers (Chamomilla recutita L.) and characterization of biological activity of obtained extracts [1]
    Optimization of revitalization procedure of waste yeast from brewery for application in baking industry [1]
    Optimization of technological process of yeast doughpreparation for frozen baker's products [1]
    Optimization of tehnology of hull-less pumpkin press-cake spread rich in omega fatty acids [1]
    Optimization of the extrusion process in creation of snack products from spelt wholegrain flour with added betaine [1]
    Optimization of xanthan production in laboratory bioreactor on winery wastewaters [1]
    Organic and inorganic polutants high content removal from Vojvodina groundwater by application of nanofiltration [1]
    Partition of pectinases in aqueous two-phase systems [1]
    Pharmacological activity of extracts obtained from selected aromatic/medicinal plants [1]
    Pharmacologicaly active supstances of sweet chestnut (castanea sativa mill.) [1]
    Physical and sensory characteristics of functional food spreads based on cellulose hydrocolloids and flour of pumpkin seed cake [1]