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    Hemometrijski pristup analizi osmotske dehidratacije srebrnog karaša (Carassius gibelio) [1]
    Hemometrijsko modelovanje hromatografskog ponašanja i biološke aktivnosti serije androstanskih derivata [1]
    Hidrodinamika i prenos mase u airlift reaktoru sa membranom [1]
    High-valuable functional compounds from tomato by-products [1]
    Hromatografska, mikrobiološka i in silico analiza steroidnih jedinjenja od potencijalnog biomedicinskog značaja [1]
    Hydrodynamics and mass transfer of an airlift reactor with inserted membrane [1]
    Identification of external pressures and impactson the groundwater quality of the sources in themunicipality of Laktaši [1]
    Identifikacija spoljnih pritisaka i uticaja na kvalitet podzemne vode izvorišta opštine Laktaši [1]
    Impact of grape seed quality on bioactive components and stability of cold pressed oil [1]
    Impact of Packaging Material and Contemporary Packaging Conditions on Traditional Bakery Products sustainability [1]
    Improvement of coffee beverage quality by selecting optimal roasting conditions and optimal ratio of different coffee species [1]
    Influence of Buffer рН Value and Anion Туре on L-Ascorbic Acid Oxidation Rate [1]
    Influence of emulsifying starches on dough technological characteristics and bread quality [1]
    Influence of environmental factors on adhesion of yeasts to abiotic surfaces [1]
    Influence of fat phase composition of margarine on physical characteristics and quality of puff pastry [1]
    Influence of grinding and pelleting parameters on granulation and physical characteristics of pelleted animal feed [1]
    Influence of lecithin from different sources on crystallization properties of fat phase and quality of spread cream with the addition of functional vegetable oils [1]
    Influence of molecular characteristics of maltodextrins on technological behaviour of low-energy food emulsions [1]
    Influence of physico-chemical characteristics of pumkin seed (Cucurbita pepo L.) on the quality and nutritive value of cold pressed oil [1]