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    Changes of milk components and structure during fermentation process by non–conventional starter [1]
    Characterisation of meat and offal quality frompurebred pigs reared in Vojvodina [1]
    Characteristics of glutenin-gliadin complex as aparameter of wheat technological quality [1]
    Characteristics of ground pepper oleoresin, produced byclassic and supercritical fluid extraction with carbon-dioxide [1]
    Characterization of albumin and biochemicalaspects of wheat quality (Triticum aestivum) [1]
    Characterization of functional lemon balm (Melissa officinalis L.) beverage obtained by physiological activity of tea fungus [1]
    Characterization of the quality, nutritive value and stability of virgin olive oils produced in different regions of Libya [1]
    Chemometric approach to the analysis ofosmotic dehydration of silver crucian carp(Carassius gibelio) [1]
    Chemometric modeling ofchromatographic behavior and biological activity of a series ofandrostane derivatives [1]
    Chromatographic, microbiological and in silico analysis of steroid compounds with potential biomedical importance [1]
    Contemporary methods of extraction of winter savory (Satureja montana L.), chemical composition and biological activity of obtained extracts [1]
    Contemporary methods of stinging nettle (Urticadioica L.) extractions, composition and application of extracts [1]
    Cross-flow microfiltration modelling of yeast suspension by neural networks and response surface methodology [1]
    Defining of lipophilicity, pharmacokinetic parameters and anticancer potential of newly synthesized series of styryl lactones [1]
    Definisanje lipofilnosti, farmakokinetičkih parametara i antikancerogenog potencijala novosintetisane serije stiril laktona [1]
    Degradacija i zaštita materijala nepokretnog kulturnog nasleđa [1]
    Degradation and protection of the imovable cultural heritage materials [1]
    Determination of the Optimal Process Conditions for the Epoxidation of Vegetable Oils with Peracetic Acid [1]
    Determination of trans fatty acids in foodstuffs by gaschromatography-mass spectrometry [1]
    Development and evaluation of sensory and instrumental methods for assessment textural properties of pasta [1]