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    Artistic Dance on Television: The Formal Principles of Creating and Realization of Television Ballet [1]
    Choreodrama in Serbia in the 20th and 21th Century: Gender Perspective [1]
    Construction and analysis of cluster algorithmwith application in defining behavioural risk factors in Serbian adult population [1]
    Delatnost i uticaj slovačke horske kulture na razvoj i širenje interkulturalnosti u Vojvodini [1]
    Differences in isokinetic parameters of thigh muscules in relations to back pain [1]
    Discourses About Gender in Art: Construction of Vojvodina Female Artists'Professional Identity in the Realm of NewMedia at the end of the 20th and thebeginning of the 21st century [1]
    Diskursi o rodu u umetnosti: konstrukcija profesionalnog identiteta umetnica u oblasti novih medija u Vojvodini krajem 20. i početkom 21. veka [1]
    Efekti ekskurzije učenika osnovne škole kao oblik obrazovno-rekreativnih i turističkih kretanja u Vojvodini [1]
    Effective dose estimation and risk assessment in patients treated with iodine 131I using Monte Carlo simulation [1]
    Fenomenologija spektakla: scenski dizajn kao sredstvo konstrukcije događaja [1]
    Fenomenology of Spectacle: Scene Designas Event Construction Instrument [1]
    Formal and informal education and professional status of female journalists in Vojvodina - gender perspective [1]
    Formalno i neformalno obrazovanje i profesionalni status novinarki u Vojvodini - rodna perspektiva [1]
    Gender Analysis of the Online Editions of Printed Media in Serbia [1]
    Gender Differences in Autonomic Heart Rate Control Mechanisms [1]
    Gender dimension of an encyclopedic text – interdisciplinary approach [1]
    Gender identities and interculturality: a critical analysis of affirmative action in higher education institutions in Serbia: 2000-2013. [1]
    Gender Identity in the Intersection with Ethnicity and Religion: the case of Banat Bulgarians Women of Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria [1]
    Gender Mainstreaming of Public Policies in Serbia 2000‒2014: Family Policies in the Context of Europeanisation [1]
    Gender Stereotypes in Novels for Second Cycle of Primary School Reading Curriculum [1]