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    Comparative Analysis of Biology Curriculum in Primary Schools in Serbia and Other European Countries [1]
    Comparative FTIR spectroscopic investigation of N-H···O and N-H···π hydrogen bonding of selected N-substituted amides··· [1]
    Comparative impacts of music festivals on local communities and tourism - EXIT versus SZIGET [1]
    Comparative review of morpho-anatomical characteristics of plant organs and analyses of essential oils with their application in taxonomy of selected genera of the tribe Inuleae Cass. (Compositae) [1]
    Competitiveness of Vojvodina as a rural tourism destination [1]
    Complexes of Co(III), Ni(II) and Cu(II) with hydrazones of some 2-pyridyl-ke-tones [1]
    Conceptual Framework for the Social Vulnerability Assessment to Natural Hazards in Serbia [1]
    Condensational order, condensational equivalenceand reversibility of relational structures [1]
    Conservation problems and interpretation possibilities of geodiversity of canyons and gorges in South-east Serbia [1]
    Contemporary business model development in Serbian motels as a predictor of transit tourism innovativeness [1]
    Contribution to the Characterisation and Determination of some Neonicotinoids [1]
    Contribution to the theory of generalized random processes [1]
    Contributions to the Development of eLearning – Possibilities to Convert Teaching Activities and Materials into an Electronic Form [1]
    Correlation Between Composition and Properties of Amorphous Bismuth-doped As2S3 [1]
    Cynological aspects of hunting tourism in Serbia [1]
    Danube as a transport artery and axis ofdevelopment in the Republic of Serbia [1]
    Delta shock waves and wave front tracking method [1]
    Delta udarni talasi i metod praćenja talasa [1]
    Demografski problemi stanovništva Šajkaške [1]
    Demografski problemi Zapadnohercegovačke županije i njihov uticaj na morfološko-funkcionalne promene naselja [1]