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    Biopotential and chemical characterization of extracts and essential oils of species from Juniperus L. genus (Cupressaceae). [1]
    Biopotential Autochthones Fungal in Function of Nutraceuticals  [1]
    Biotechnological potential of filamentous cyanobacterial strains of the area of Vojvodina [1]
    Biotehnološki potencijal filamentoznih sojeva cijanobakterija sa područja Vojvodine [1]
    Boja lesno-paleozemljišnih sekvenci kao pokazatelj paleoklimatskih i paleoekoloških procesa [1]
    Calculation of soil erosion intensity in Polimlje (Montenegro and Serbia) and Širindareh basin (Iran) using the WIntErO model [1]
    Cartographic generalization of categorical maps using GIS [1]
    Cartographic generalization of categorical maps using GIS [1]
    Changes in trophic characteristics of common toad Bufo bufo, Mertens and Müller, 1928 (Bufonidae: Anura) during postmetamorphosis [1]
    Changes of nuclear spectra under the influence of cosmic radiation [1]
    Changes of Students’ Alternative Conceptions in Physics Learning - Effects of Traditional Teaching and Active Learning Methods [1]
    Characterisation of bioremediation processes in sediment contaminated with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and bioavailability assessment [1]
    Characterisation of the biodegradability of petroleum hydrocarbons in soil and the bioremediation processes during treatment by biopiles and landfarming [1]
    Characterisation of the bioremediation processes in soil and groundwater contaminated by oil and oil derivatives at the site of Ratno Ostrvo [1]
    Characterization of photons and neutrons of megavoltage therapeutic accelerators [1]
    Characterization of soil cyanobacterial strains isolated from forest ecosystems of mountain areas of the Republic of Serbia [1]
    Chemical, biochemical and microbiological characterization of Trifolium pratense L. [1]
    Choice of parameters in gradient methods for the unconstrained optimization problems [1]
    Circulation system for direct consortial borrowing [1]
    Cobalt(II) chloride and bromide complex formation in electrical unsymmetric aqueous molten salts [1]