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    Development of a method forassessing thecomplexit of stoichiometric problems [1]
    Development of a platform for standardizing education of informatics teachers [1]
    Development of an algorithm and a system for deductive prediction and analysis of movment of basketball referees [1]
    Development of chemical production in the ancient history on the territory of present day Serbia [1]
    Development of growth inhibition tests on species of the genus Myriophyllum L. 1754 (Saxifragales, Haloragaceae) for use in environmental risk assessment of herbicides and sediment quality control [1]
    Difference in mortality by sex in Serbian population [1]
    Discharge regime of high waters of Danube, Sava, Tisa and Drava in Panonnian basin [1]
    Distribucija i dinamika populacija najznačajnijih grupa polinatora u agroekosistemima Vojvodine [1]
    Distribucija i diverzitet rodova Merodon Meigen i Cheilosia Meigen (Diptera: Syrphidae) u jugoistočnoj Evropi: predeono - ekološka analiza [1]
    Distribucija opijatnih alkaloida u mozgu [1]
    Distribution and diversity of genera Merodon Meigen and Cheilosia Meigen in Southeast Europe: landscape ecological analysis [1]
    Distribution and dynamics of populations of the most important groups pollinators in the agro-ecosystems of Vojvodina [1]
    Distribution of Haemosporidia in population of migratory and sedentary passerine birds (Passeriformes) in Serbia [1]
    Distributions and ultradistributions on R+d through Laguerre expansions with applications to pseudo-diferential operators with radial symbols [1]
    Distributions and ultradistributions on R+d through Laguerre expansionswith applications to pseudo-dierential operators with radial symbols [1]
    Distributivity of aggregation operators and their application in utilitytheory [1]
    Distributivnost operacija agregacije i njihova primena u teoriji korisnosti [1]
    Diversity and ecology of intestinal nematodes of the yellow-necked mouse (Apodemus flavicollis Melchior, 1834) on the territory of Serbia [1]
    Diversity of macrofungi and their role in the monitoring of forest ecosystems in Serbia [1]
    Diversity of phylum Ascomycota in the area of Fruska Gora with special reference to the ordo Helotiales [1]