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    Demographic problems of Šajkaška population [1]
    Demographic Problems of West Herzegovina County and their impact on the morphological and functional changes of settlements [1]
    Design, physico-chemical characterisation, toxicity and application of newly class of functionalized ionic liquids [1]
    Design, synthesis and antiproliferative activity ofnatural cytotoxic lactones and analogues [1]
    Design,construction and testing 9``x 9`` NaI(Tl) well typespectrometer [1]
    Detailed luminescence chronology of the lasttwo glacial-interglacial cycles from the Titelloess core [1]
    Detaljna luminescentna hronologija poslednja dva glacijalno-interglacijalna ciklusa Titelskog lesnog platoa [1]
    Detection and analysis of climate regions in Serbia [1]
    Detection of bioactive substances selected fungal species of the genus Ganoderma (Basidiomycota) and their biological activity [1]
    Detekcija bioaktivnih supstanci odabranih vrsta gljiva roda Ganoderma (Basidiomycota) i njihova biološka aktivnost [1]
    Detekcija i analiza klimatskih regiona u Srbiji [1]
    Developing potenctial of wine tourism in Serbia [1]
    Development and evaluation of instructional strategy based on the triplet model of inorganic chemistry content representation in high school education [1]
    Development of a method forassessing thecomplexit of stoichiometric problems [1]
    Development of a platform for standardizing education of informatics teachers [1]
    Development of an algorithm and a system for deductive prediction and analysis of movment of basketball referees [1]
    Development of chemical production in the ancient history on the territory of present day Serbia [1]
    Development of growth inhibition tests on species of the genus Myriophyllum L. 1754 (Saxifragales, Haloragaceae) for use in environmental risk assessment of herbicides and sediment quality control [1]
    Difference in mortality by sex in Serbian population [1]
    Discharge regime of high waters of Danube, Sava, Tisa and Drava in Panonnian basin [1]