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    Identification and analysis of potential substrates and inhibitors of human protein subfamily 1C aldo-keto reductase (AKR1C) obtained by recombinant expression [1]
    Identifikacija i analiza potencijalnih supstrata i inhibitora humanih proteina podfamilije 1S aldo-keto reduktaza (AKR1C) dobijenih rekombinantnom ekspresijom [1]
    Igre na Bulovim algebrama [1]
    Impact of air temperature on seasonal variation of human mortality in Novi Sad [1]
    Impact of carbon based nanomaterials on behavior selected hydrophobic organic compounds in aquatic systems [1]
    Implementation of Inquiry-based Instruction in the Realization of the Physics Contents in Teaching Subject Nature and Society [1]
    Implemented types of ethical climate within hotels of Kopaonik and their influence on business performances [1]
    Individual and organisational predictors of prosocial service behaviour amongemployees in cruise line industry [1]
    Individualni i organizacioni prediktori prosocijalnog ponašanja zaposlenih u sektoru turističkih krstarenja [1]
    Influence of bile acids on drug transportation processes in vitro [1]
    Influence of Different Substrates on Morphological, Physiological and Chemical Properties of Selected Strains of Oyster Mushroom Pleurotus ostreatus (Jacq.) P. Kumm. 1871 [1]
    Influence of γ-radiation on antioxidant system of selected genotypes of soybean and oxidative stress appearance [1]
    Inteligentni multiagentski sistemi zasnovani na distribuiranom ne-aksiomatskom rezonovanju [1]
    Intelligent multiagent systems based on distributed non-axiomatic reasoning [1]
    Investigation of drinking water biostability usingrotating annular reactors [1]
    Investigation of Fenton-process application in the treatment of dye wastewater in printing industry [1]
    Investigation of remediation potential of sediment polluted with priority organic pollutants [1]
    Investigation of selected amide influence on adsorption of nitro derivatives of phenol on activated carbon from water [1]
    Isolatin, structural characterization and biological activity of naphthenic acids from Vojvodina oil [1]
    Isolation and characterization of Cr(VI) tolerant soil bacteria [1]