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    Termodinamička stabilnost binarnih mešovitih micela odabranih homologa iz grupa Brij surfaktanata i polisorbata [1]
    Termodinamička stabilnost odabranih micelarnih sistema žučnih soli značajnih za nove farmaceutske formulacije [1]
    Testing applicability of international guidelines in the treatment of bacterial infections [1]
    Testing the biocompatibility of objects from polymers produced by additive manufacturing for use in dentistry [1]
    The action of metformin and nitroglicerin with 2-deoxy-D-glucose and caffeine on selected cellular cultures [1]
    The assessment of the effectiveness of airway management in pediatric ENT surgery: laryngeal mask versus endotracheal tube [1]
    The clinical value of determining the presence of tumor infiltrating lymphocytes in patients with breast cancer [1]
    The concentration of antihypertensive drugs in blood donors [1]
    The correlation of time beginning Multiple sclerosis with clinical features, disease course, magnetic resonance imaging features,and presence oligoclonal band in cerebrospinal fluid [1]
    The correlation of ultrasound characteristics of carotid atherosclerosis and the presence of cardiometabolic risk factors in the patients with ischemic stroke [1]
    The development of animal model of nephrotoxic tubulointerstitial lesion [1]
    The effect of acute exposure to orally ingested acrylamide on histological structure of stomach in Wistar rats [1]
    The effect of alginate microcapsules pharmaceutical formulation on gliclazide absorption in rat gastrointestinal tract [1]
    The effect of cataract surgery on the level of intraocular pressure [1]
    The effect of concetrated growth factors on regeneration and reparation of extraction wounds [1]
    The Effect of Darbepoetin Alfa on the Glomerular Number of Newborn Mice with Intrauterine Growth Restriction [1]
    The effect of medical rehabilitation on quality of life of surgically and non-surgically treated patients suffering from lumbar radiculopathy [1]
    The effect of six-month inhaled corticosteroid treatment on IL-33 serum levels in children with allergic asthma [1]
    The effectiveness of treatment for patients in the stage IIIA nonsmall cell lung cancer who were operated after neoadjuvant therapy [1]
    The effects of bile acids on macrolide antibiotics bioavailability [1]