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    Genetic variability of X chromosome microsatellite loci in population of Vojvodina [1]
    Gojaznost i fizička neaktivnost kao javnozdravstveni problemi odraslog stanovništva Vojvodine [1]
    Govorni kapacitet osoba sa izraštajima na glasnicama [1]
    Heart rate variability during recovery from tests for the assessment of energy capacity in aerobic and anaerobic sports [1]
    Hepcidin levels in patients on chronic hemodialysis [1]
    Hipoglikemijsko delovanje piknogenola i ekstrakta crnog bora Pinus nigra na eksperimentalnom modelu dijabetičnih pacova [1]
    Histologic Features and Regenerative Capacity of Endocervical Glands [1]
    Histološke karakteristike i regeneratorni kapacitet endocervikalnih žlezda [1]
    Histopathologic assessment of tumor regression in non-small cell lung cancer after neoadjuvant therapy [1]
    Hospitalization cost analysis due to acute COPD exacerbations in lung disease clinic [1]
    Hypoglycemic potential of Pycnogenol and extract of black pine Pinus nigra on the experimental model of diabetic rats [1]
    Iinfluence of placing and polymerization technique on marginal adaptation of dental composites [1]
    Immunochromatographic test in differential laboratory diagnostic of tuberculosis [1]
    Impact of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome on Sleep [1]
    Importance of intraoperative mechanical irrigation in prevention of graft contamination in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction [1]
    Importance of molecular diagnostics in detection of viral gastrointestinal syndrome in Vojvodina [1]
    Importance of positron emission tomography-computed tomography examination in initial colorectal cancer staging [1]
    Impulsna oscilometrija u evaluaciji astme i hronične opstruktivne bolesti pluća [1]
    Imunohromatografski test u diferencijalnoj laboratorijskoj dijagnostici tuberkuloze pluća [1]
    Incidence of Injuries among Vigorous Physically Active Adolescents [1]