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    Production potential of woody biomass and its impact on forest management goals [1]
    Propagation of some endangered carnation species (Dianthus L.) using micropropagation method [1]
    Protection against erosion and torrential floods as an element of the environmental protection system in the city of Belgrade [1]
    Razmnožavanje nekih ugroženih vrsta karanfila (Dianthus L.) metodom mikropropagacije [1]
    Selected pre-treatment effects on chemical composition of juvenile and mature wood of narrovv-leaved ash (Fraxinus angustifolia Vahl. ssp. PannonicaSoó & Simon) and the application possibilities of such modified wood [1]
    Small and medium enterprises based on non-wood forest products as a development factor of the private forestry sector in Serbia [1]
    Status and development of virgin stands of beech, fir and spruce in serbia as a basis for planning and ensuring of close-to-nature forest management [1]
    Structure, ecology and social study of lawns in recreational areas [1]
    Šumska zemljišta planine Javor u Republici Srpskoj [1]
    Taksonomija i uticaji staništa na karakteristike planinskog javora (Acer heldreichii Orph.) u Srbiji [1]
    Taxonomic and ecological investigation of Vaccinium L. genus in Serbia [1]
    Taxonomy and site influences on Greek Maple (Acer heldreichii Orph.) in Serbia [1]
    The ecophysiological characteristics of various woody plant species and their potential for revitalising fly ash deposits at thermoelectric power plants [1]
    The effects of ameliorative afforestations in Grdelička gorge and Vranjska valley [1]
    The effects of horticulture therapy on mental health of people in urban areas [1]
    The effects of lead and cadmium contretation in the soilon woody plants development [1]
    The genesis, characteristics and ecological-production potential of the soil in beech, fir and spruce forests on the mountain Lisina near Mrkonjic Grad [1]
    The impact of anthropogenic pollution on soil degradation at wide area of Bor City [1]
    The impact of cutback and fertilization on development of poplar and willow plantations for biomass production on the deposols of the mining basin "Kolubara" LCC - Lazarevac [1]
    The Impact of Environmental Factors on Flowering of Woody Species from Magnoliophyta group in Belgrade [1]