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    Taksonomija i uticaji staništa na karakteristike planinskog javora (Acer heldreichii Orph.) u Srbiji [1]
    Taxonomic and ecological investigation of Vaccinium L. genus in Serbia [1]
    Taxonomy and site influences on Greek Maple (Acer heldreichii Orph.) in Serbia [1]
    The ecophysiological characteristics of various woody plant species and their potential for revitalising fly ash deposits at thermoelectric power plants [1]
    The effects of ameliorative afforestations in Grdelička gorge and Vranjska valley [1]
    The effects of horticulture therapy on mental health of people in urban areas [1]
    The effects of lead and cadmium contretation in the soilon woody plants development [1]
    The genesis, characteristics and ecological-production potential of the soil in beech, fir and spruce forests on the mountain Lisina near Mrkonjic Grad [1]
    The impact of anthropogenic pollution on soil degradation at wide area of Bor City [1]
    The impact of cutback and fertilization on development of poplar and willow plantations for biomass production on the deposols of the mining basin "Kolubara" LCC - Lazarevac [1]
    The Impact of Ecological and Energy Factors on More Efficient Use of Solid Wood Fuels in Serbia : doctoral dissertation [1]
    The Impact of Environmental Factors on Flowering of Woody Species from Magnoliophyta group in Belgrade [1]
    The impact of polyelectrolyte on interaction between wood and water-borne coatings [1]
    The impact of wood market on socio-economic component of sustainable development of wood sector in Serbia [1]
    The influence of the beech log diameter and quality on the sawmill production yield : doctoral dissertation [1]
    The possibility of aerophotogrammetry application in forest stand inventory in the Republic of Srpska [1]
    The possibility of improving the adhesion of UV acrylic coating on the surface of heat treated beech wood [1]
    The principle of sustainability (durability) in private forests in Serbia [1]
    Tipologija privatnih šumovlasnika u Srbiji: emogućnosti njihovog organizovanja u cilju mobilizacije drvnih resursa [1]
    Tipovi antropogenih promena predela u Boki Kotorskoj [1]