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    "Sermon on holy and venerable icons": Contributions to the analysis of the Byzantine text and its Old Church Slavonic translations. [1]
    "Short history" of the patriarch Nikephoros : а historical analysis of the work [1]
    "The Roman History" of Nikephoros Gregoras: historical analysis of his work [1]
    "Ромејска историја" Нићифора Григоре: историјска анализа дела [1]
    (Agrarian politics in Yugoslavia : (1945-1953) [1]
    A model of integrated practice in initial education of pre-school teachers [1]
    A new approach to statistical data analysis in psychology : from rigid statistical packages to flexible systems [1]
    Achievement tests in school practice [1]
    Adorno's philosophy of art : negativity and aesthetic theory [1]
    Adornova filozofija umetnosti : negativnost i estetika umetnosti [1]
    Adults relationship vis-a-vis educational an ethical role of television [1]
    Aesthetic concepts, objectivity and evaluation : the role of taste in Sibley's aesthetics [1]
    Afekat kao moderator prediktivne validnosti implicitnih i eksplicitnih mera stavova [1]
    Afektivna uloga nastavnika: konceptualizacija i empirijska provera konstrukta [1]
    Affect as a moderator of predicitve validity of implicit and explicit attitudinal measures [1]
    Affective role of the teacher: the conceptualization and empirical validation of the construct. [1]
    Agricultural production of the Roman provincies in the territory of Serbia : from the 1st to the first half of 5th century [1]
    American progressivism and Serbia [1]
    Analytical psychology in the light of modern hermeneutics [1]
    Ancient topography of Pirot [1]