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    Absolute cross sections for electron scattering from organic molecules relevant to the structure of biological macromolecules [1]
    Analiza karakteristika kumulonimbusnih oblaka i efikasnosti stimulisanja padavina iznad istočnih oblasti UAE [1]
    Analiza raspodela i dinamike isparljivih organskih jedinjenja i aerosola u troposferi [1]
    Analiza uticaja aktivnosti sunca i meteoroloških parametara na koncentraciju 7Be u prizemnom sloju atmosfere [1]
    Analysis of the cumulonimbus clouds characteristics and the efficiency of the precipitation enhancement over the eastern area of the UAE [1]
    Analysis of the influence of Solar activity and meteorological parameters on the 7Be concentration at the ground atmosphere [1]
    Application of analytical, experimental, semiempirical and Monte Carlo methods for efficiency calibration of HPGe detectors in environmental samples gamma spectrometry [1]
    Application of hybrid receptor models in the analysis of air quality and transport of pollutants in Belgrade [1]
    Apsolutni preseci za rasejanje elektrona na organskim molekulima relavantnim za građu bioloških makromolekula [1]
    Biomolecule functionalized gold nanoparticles [1]
    Collective dynamics and self-organisation of stochastic neuronal systems influenced by synaptic time delay [1]
    Collisions and transport of positrons in gases: kinetic phenomena and possible applications in biomedicine [1]
    Complete sets of cross sections and transport coefficients for nitrous oxide, tetrafluoroethane and dimethyl ether obtained by using the swarm technique [1]
    Crossover from three-dimensional to two-dimensional systems and impact of number of neighbours on critical behaviour of the nonequlibrium zero-temperature random field ising model [1]
    Detection of multi-muonic events in underground laboratory and energy dependant solar modulation of muonic component of the cosmic rays flux. [1]
    Development and diagnostics of atmospheric plasma jet and application on biological samples [1]
    Development of spectroscopic methods for low temperature plasma diagnostics [1]
    Diagnostic of plasma of ionospheric D region by electromagnetic VLF waves. [1]
    Diagnostics and applications of dielectric barrier discharge in contact with water. [1]
    Diagnostics and screening effects of the laser-induced plasma [1]