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    Maturation and function of the human dendritic cells obtained from monocytes, using short time differentiation protocol [1]
    Measurement of gene expression levels of resistin, resistin receptor and circulating resistin concentrations in blood of patient with ischemic hearth disease [1]
    Measurment of gene expression levels of adiponectin receptors AdipoR1 and AdipoR2 and adiponectin levels in blood of patients with coronary artery disease and patients with chronic kidney disease [1]
    Medical and non medical aspects of chronic pain pharmacotherapy in elderly out-patients [1]
    Model research of integrated system in vaccines supply chain and development of tools for the assessment of their effective implementation in clinical practice [1]
    Modeling the influence of molecular structure and chromatographic system parameters on analites` behaviour in chaotropic chromatography [1]
    Molecular dynamics simulations and computational design of inhibitors of protein lysine methyltransferase EZH2 [1]
    Morfološka, hemijska i farmakološka karakterizacija odabranih biljnih vrsta rodova Arbutus L., Bruckenthalia Rchb., Calluna Salisb. i Erica L. (Ericaceae) [1]
    Morfološka, hemijska i farmakološka karakterizacija odabranih vrsta roda Veronica L. (Plantaginaceae) [1]
    Morphological, chemical and pharmacological characterisation of selected Veronica L. species (Plantaginaceae) [1]
    Morphological, chemical and pharmacological characterization of selected plant species of genus Arbutus L., Bruckenthalia Rchb., Calluna Salisb. i Erica L. (Ericaceae) [1]
    Multi-criteria decision-making approach in chromatographic methods optimisation used for pharmaceutical analysis of perindopril t-butylamine [1]
    Multicriteria approach to development of HPLC method fordetermination of Zolpidem tartrate and degradation products [1]
    Multikriterijumski pristup modelovanja HPLC metode za određivanje zolpidem-tartarata i degradacionih proizvoda [1]
    Multikriterijumski pristup optimizaciji hromatografskih metoda za farmaceutsku analizu perindopril t-butilamina [1]
    Na spor. nasl. str. Characterization of hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography system with UV and MS/MS detection in analitics and bioanalytics of olopatadine [1]
    Na spor. nasl. str.:Comparative chemical and pharmacological investigation of lyophilized flower infusions of reprezentatives of the genus Filipendula Miller in Serbia [1]
    New mathematical modeling techniques and chromatographic response functions in chemometrical advancement of luquid chromatographic method development [1]
    Nivo anti-VIP/gp120 antitela kod aktivnih sportista, pacijenata sa malignim bolestima i pacijenata sa HIV infekcijom [1]
    Određivanje genske ekspresije adiponektinskih receptora AdipoR1 i AdipoR2 i nivoa adiponektina u krvi kod pacijenata sa koronarnom bolešću i pacijenata sa hroničnom bubrežnom insuficijencijom [1]