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    The political role of army ministers of the Kingdom of Serbia from 1903 to 1914. [1]
    The political thought of the German romanticism [1]
    The problem of constitution of the body politic in democratic theories [1]
    The problem of ethical life Hegel´s political philosophy [1]
    The process of enfranchisement in England : becoming a citizen in the system of private and public [1]
    The relation between tradition and modernization in areas connected to Serbia after the Congress of Berlin: Leskovac (1878-1941) [1]
    The role of civil and political actors in the process of institutional reform and capacity development of the judiciary in Serbia from 2002 to 2012 [1]
    The role of foreign direct investment in local economic development in Republic of Serbia (2001-2013) [1]
    The role of judicial system of the Republic of Serbia in the fight agains corruption [1]
    The role of NATO naval and air forces in the Mediterranean after the Cold War [1]
    The role of security policies of the Western Balkan countries in establishing the foreign policy priorities after 2000 [1]
    The role of the Ministry of interior in preventing corruption in the process of Serbia's accession to the EU [1]
    The role of the Orthodox churches in the democratization processes in Greece, Serbia and Russia [1]
    The role of trade unions in democratic changes in transition countries: the case of Serbia [1]
    The significance of logical positivism for development of political philosophy [1]
    The Sunni- Shi`a split and its effects on the security in region of the Middle East [1]
    The U.S. national strategy for combating terrorism at the beginning of the XXI century [1]
    The United Nations Organization and the necessity of reform [1]
    Theoretical and institutional foundations of the development and reforms of monetary integration of the European Union [1]
    Transformacija tradicionalnih medija u novom tehnološkom okruženju [1]