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    Television Presentation of Election Campaigns for Parliamentary Elections in Serbia 1990-2000. [1]
    Televizijska prezentacija izbornih kampanja za parlamentarne izbore u Srbiji 1990-2000 [1]
    Terrorism as a non-conventional security threath in the modern world [1]
    Thalassocratic dimension of contemporary Chinese geopolitics [1]
    The changing role of the professional communicators in the information society [1]
    The Common commercial policy of the European Union [1]
    The concept of a new European security order in the foreign policy of Russia at the beginning of the 21st century [1]
    The construction of text in the function of directing the meaning in the contemporary Serbian press [1]
    The definition and classification of leadership in contemporary political sciense [1]
    The EU accession process influence on creation of environmental policy in Serbia [1]
    The European Union and the future of the national-territorial state [1]
    The European Union in the politicization process [1]
    The European Union institutions in the electronic media in Serbia [1]
    The Germany's impact on the European Union's enlargement policy towards East and Southeast Europe. [1]
    The ideological dimensions of globalization [1]
    The impact of clubs for older people on their social inclusion in Serbia [1]
    The impact of global capital markets on the capital market in Serbia [1]
    The impact of globalization on science policy and research in Serbia: values, discourses, and institutions [1]
    The impact of party ideology on public spending in former socialist countries [1]
    The importance of intellectual capital management for the development of international organizations [1]