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    Razvoj lokalne samouprave i finansiranje investicionih projekata izdavanjem muncipalnih obveznica [1]
    Reform of public administration and local-self government in Serbia [1]
    Regional and European cooperation : the model of Nordic countries cooperation [1]
    Relation between personal identity and religiousness [1]
    Relations between european union and churches and religious communities [1]
    Relations between PR China and Yugoslavia and Serbia from 1977 to 2009 [1]
    Relations between the European Union and the Russian Federation [1]
    Relations between the Republic of Turkey and the United States of America during the decade of the rule of the Justice and development party (from 2002 to 2012) [1]
    Relationship between EU law and national (internal) law of its member states [1]
    Relationship between foreign policy and national security [1]
    Rise of ultra right as a result of social-economic crisis in Greece [1]
    Russian Federation-United States of America relations from 2009 to 2012 - time of ""reset"" [1]
    Satirical literary projections of social and political reality in the public sphere of Serbia at the end of XIX and beginning of XX century [1]
    Semiotic deconstruction of expressive possibilities in virtual communication [1]
    Semiotička dekonstrukcija ekspresivnih mogućnosti u virtuelnom komuniciranju [1]
    Serbian political tradition in work of Slobodan Jovanovic [1]
    Shvatanje medijatizacije u teoriji umreženog društva Manuela Kastelsa [1]
    Significance of decisions of the Security council of the United Nations in the development of international rules on regulation of the use of force in international relations [1]
    Social aspects of drug abuse among youth as a cause if safety issues in the Republic of Serbia [1]
    Social isolation and the disintegration of the family of opiate addicts [1]