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    Parliamentary representation of national minorities [1]
    Partnership interministerial commission and families of children with disabilities in the operationalization of social inclusion [1]
    Permanently neutral states in Europe in the post-cold war period : (1989-2011) [1]
    Personality of political leader. Case study: presidents of the United States of America 1933-2001: antropological, psychological and politicological approach [1]
    Pojam suverenosti: od izbeglištva do gostoprimstva [1]
    Political and economic characteristics of islamic banking system - corporate analysis [1]
    Political and legal values of the usa in the light of Аmerican critical thinking during 19th century [1]
    Political and social organization of Kotor in the second half of the 12th and 13th century [1]
    Political aspects and determinants of NATO in the fight against terrorism [1]
    Political coalitions in Serbia from 1990. to 2009 [1]
    Political consequences of local elections in the Republic of Serbia from 1992 to 2008 [1]
    Political consequences of mixed electoral systems [1]
    Political dimension of crisis management [1]
    Political discourse in slogans and graffiti of protest against the NATO bombing of FR Yugoslavia in 1999. [1]
    Political discourse in the stories of Radovan Beli Marković [1]
    Political discourse on Kosovo and Metohia in the newmagazines NIN and TIME from 2000 to 2013 [1]
    Political fragmentation of union pluralism in Serbia from 1990 to 2012 [1]
    Political parties in the European union. [1]
    Political relations between Yugoslavia and Italy 1968-1975 [1]
    Political violence in Kosovo and Metohija since and 1945. to 2003. [1]