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    Ideologically motivated extremism as a generator of political violence [1]
    Illegal migrations as the factor of international terrorism [1]
    Impact of political decission making on protected area menagement : on example of the public institution Plitvice lakes nationalpark [1]
    Impact of terrorism on security in the Western Balkans [1]
    implications for social policy and practice in Republic of Serbia : implications for social policy and practice in Republic of Serbia [1]
    Incomplete integration as an obstacle to political development of the European Union's Eastern Partnership [1]
    Information and communication technologies and leisure of high school students in Republika Srpska [1]
    Institucionalni uzroci krize evra [1]
    Institutional causes of the euro crisis [1]
    Institutional factors of political corruption in the post - Yugoslav space (2000-2014) [1]
    Instruments of soft power in the United States policy toward Soviet Union in the Cold War, 1945-1962. [1]
    Integracija tehnika onlajn medija u strateške komunikacione projekte [1]
    Integration of online media tehniques in strategic communication projects [1]
    International cooperation in the field of improving the working conditions of women employed in the police [1]
    International organization and EU security institution building [1]
    Internet and development or limiting freedom to subjects of global communication [1]
    Internet hate speech in Serbia [1]
    Javne politike u procesu redukcije siromaštva u Crnoj Gori od 2000. do 2012. godine (sociološko-politikološki pristup) [1]
    Job burnout and vicarious trauma in child welfare professionals [1]
    Journalistic storytelling as an element of public discourse in the news genres of the tv stations with national coverage [1]