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    Technological and cognitive aspects of the user interface in business intelligence systems [1]
    The concept of marketing orientation in development of technological startups [1]
    The development of an integrative model of retail customer loyalty in Serbia [1]
    The development of the technology forecasting model within the enterprise [1]
    The effect of cooperativity on performance in supply chains [1]
    The effects of application of international standards for management systems in the Serbian mining industry [1]
    The improvement of corporate education systems through the application of Web 2.0 technology. [1]
    The inclusion of logical interactions of attributes in the multi-criteria analysis methods [1]
    The influence of informal e-learning on human resource development [1]
    The model for evaluation of performance comparison indicators of Arab countries [1]
    The model of interoperable electronic business of payments systems founded on ontologies [1]
    The role of work teams in the development of a learning organization [1]
    The significance of behavioral approach in decision making improvement in contemporary finance [1]
    Uključivanje logičkih interakcija atributa u metode višekriterijumske analize [1]
    Unapređenje korporativnih sistema obrazovanja primenom Web 2.0 tehnologija [1]
    Unapređenje metodologije razvoja i korišćenja kolaboracionih sistema [1]
    Unapređenje modela poslovnog odlučivanja sistemom asocijativnih pravila [1]
    Unapređenje organizacije specijalnih događaja primenom sistema grupnog odlučivanja [1]
    Unapređenje poslovne komunikacije u bankarstvu optimizacijom rada kontakt centara [1]
    Unapređenje sistema poslovne inteligencije procesom grupnog odlučivanja [1]