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    Measurement and management of marketing strategy's financial performance [1]
    Merenje i upravljanje finansijskim performansama marketing strategije [1]
    Methodology development for project quality management in manufacturing industry [1]
    Methods of data collection in agriculture [1]
    Model and use case driven software development process. [1]
    Model for efficiency estimation based on the integration of Ivanovic distance and data envelopment analysis [1]
    Model for optimal market positioning in tourism based on the tourist's preferences [1]
    Model implementacije lin pristupa za unapređenje operativnih performansi nerepetitivnih proizvodnih sistema [1]
    Model infrastrukture za internet marketing istraživanja u elektronskom poslovanju [1]
    Model interoperabilnog elektronskog poslovanja platnih sistema zasnovanih na ontologijama [1]
    Model IT infrastrukture za e-obrazovanje [1]
    Model izbora virtualizacionih tehnologija za izgradnju cloud sistema [1]
    Model održivog upravljanja aerozagađenjem u urbanim sredinama [1]
    Model of a system for adaptive mobile language learning [1]
    Model of accreditation and quality assurance in higher education in Libya [1]
    Model of choosing virtualisation technologies for building cloud systems [1]
    Model of e-learning infrastructure based on the Internet of things [1]
    Model of information security in systems for management identity and access control. [1]
    Model of portal for intelligent management of electronic documents [1]
    Model of sustainable air pollution management in urban areas. [1]