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    Fazi optimizacija u hidrodinamičkoj analizi za potrebe projektovanja sistema odbrane od podzemnih voda [1]
    Fuzzy optimization in the hydrodynamic analysis for the purposes of groundwater control system design [1]
    Governance of the pre-university education financing allocation mechanisms [1]
    Human capital quality indicators of the Serbian scientific community at home and abroad [1]
    Human resource management in environmental protection [1]
    Impact of consulting on the efficiency of organizational restructuring [1]
    Impact of managers negotiating competence on performance of corporation [1]
    Improvement business communications in banking by optimization of contact centres [1]
    Improvement data envelopment analysis using multiattribute decision making methods [1]
    Improvement of communication instruments for investor relations in Serbia [1]
    Improvement of constructive heuristics for combinatorial optimisation problems in operations management. [1]
    Improvement of integrated communications in function of promotion of the military profession to potential profesional soldiers [1]
    Improvement of model of decision-making by system of association rules [1]
    Improvement of object-oriented software systems by applying software quality standards. [1]
    Improvement of official statistics by applying the concept of Big Data [1]
    Improvement of special events organization through application of group decision making system [1]
    Improving quality of health care business systems [1]
    Improving system of business intelligence through group decision making process [1]
    Improving the methodology for development and use of collaboration systems [1]
    Influence of social virtual networking as a function of teamwork effectiveness in organizations [1]