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    Concepts modelling using consistent fuzzy logic [1]
    Configuration of service oriented architectures with semantic technologies based on non-functional requirements [1]
    Customer relationship management in B2B business of electronic media [1]
    Customer relationship management model in e-business of smart libraries [1]
    Designing a model of business intelligence for B2B e-business of electric power systems [1]
    Detekcija i analiza grešaka u implementaciji dinamičkih diskretnih modela upravljanja zalihama [1]
    Determining the set of the most important components for system reliability [1]
    Development of a methodological approach for hybrid SQL/NOSQL database design and usage [1]
    Development of a model for monitoring and evaluation of the information society in Serbia [1]
    Development of an e-voting model based on cloud computing technology [1]
    Development of methodology for online marketing research [1]
    Development of process performance measurement model. [1]
    Development of the concept of strategic benefit management in portfolio of projects [1]
    Development of the methodology for construction and evaluation of composite indicators [1]
    Developmental model of inter-dependency between saling activities and brand position of the private health institutions in Serbia [1]
    Dinamičko povezivanje i vizuelizacija semantički anotiranog sadržaja [1]
    Dominant elements for employee development in production companies [1]
    Dominantni činioci razvoja zaposlenih u proizvodnim preduzećima [1]
    Dynamic composition and visualization of semantically annotated content [1]
    E-business interoperability in statistical systems [1]