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    A consistent neuro-fuzzy inference system [1]
    A logic-based approach to similarity modeling [1]
    A model driven development approach for the data warehouse extract, transform and load process [1]
    A model for B2B integration traffic systems [1]
    A model for selecting adequate set of performance indicators in production management. [1]
    A model of business inteligence based on case-based reasoning and similatiry measures selection [1]
    A new approach to the system reliability analysis using reverse Petri nets [1]
    A statistical approach to sensitivity zone definition in remote sensing methods [1]
    Absorptive capacity management as organizational competitiveness factor [1]
    Adaptibilna primjena AES algoritma kod savremenih operativnih sistema [1]
    Adaptive implementation of the AES algorithm in modern operating systems [1]
    AHP model procesa pretkvalifikacije izvođača građevinskih radova [1]
    Alternative strategies of business to business marketing in emerging marketing [1]
    Alternativne strategije poslovnog marketinga na tržištu u razvoju [1]
    An analytical hierarchy process approach for the prequalification process of Serbian construction contractors. [1]
    An approach to build information system of telecommunication company based on models [1]
    An approach to organizational design based on measuring the alignment of organizational elements [1]
    An e-business model for the participation of households in the Serbian electricity market based on smart grid technologies [1]
    An integral model for IT project management maturity assessment [1]
    An integral model for strategic management in science and research organisation [1]