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    Adsorpcija pesticida na zeolitima, polianilinu i njihovim kompozitima [1]
    Adsorption - desorption processes at the surface of plasmonic sensors [1]
    Aluminosilicates with incorporated metallic custers of transitional metal groups Ib and IVb-VIII as electrocatalytic materials [1]
    Alumosilikati sa ugrađenim klasterima metala prelaznih grupa lb i lVb-Vlll kao elektrokatalitički materijali [1]
    Amino-functionalization of methacrylate based polymers and their interaction with cr(vi), tc(vii), re(vii) and mo(vi) oxyanions in aqueous systems [1]
    Amino-funkcionalizacija polimera na bazi metakrilata i njihova interakcija sa oksianjonima Cr(VI), Tc(VII), Re(VII) i Mo(VI) u vodenim sistemima [1]
    Application of advanced statistical methods for decomposition of complex EPR and fluorescence spectra of free radicals [1]
    Application of carbonized nanostructured polyaniline in electrocatalysis and electrical energy storage [1]
    Application of disperse kinetics methods in studing of selected physicochemical processes and chemical reactions in solid state. [1]
    Application of electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy in the study of albumin conformational changes by spin-labeling method [1]
    Application of graphene-based materials in electrocatalysis and energy storage [1]
    Catalytic wet peroxide oxidation on solid catalysts with supported or incorporated transition metals [1]
    Chemical and thermal analysis of berry seeds [1]
    Controlled release of antibiotic from poly(D,L lactide-co-glycolide)/hydroxyapatite nanospheres synthesized in the field of ultrasound [1]
    Correlation of functional and physicochemical properties of ZnO powders prepared by different synthesis methods [1]
    Correlation of thermochemical measurements and quantum chemical calculations of thermally unduced structural transformations of polynuclear complexes [(en)(H2O)3Ni-(pyr)-Ni(H2O)3(en)] 4H2O and [Cd(N-Boc-gly)2(H2O)2]n. [1]
    Crystal structure and electrical properties of BaTi1-xSnxO3 and CaCu3Ti4-xRuxO12 perovskites materialas. [1]
    Crystallization kinetics and microstructural changes of thermally treated iron-based amorphous alloys [1]
    Current electrochemical oscillator [1]
    Development of methods for quantification of chaos in the nonlinear reaction systems [1]