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    Comparative investigation of aflatoxin B1 presence in feed and aflatoxin M1 in milk [1]
    Comparative review of metabolic, endocrine and reproductive parameters of high yielding and autochthonic breeds of cows [1]
    Comparative study of mechanism of antiparasitic and toxic action of gabaergic and cholinergic antihelmintics [1]
    Comparative study of natriuretic atrial peptide concentration in domestic mountain horse, arabian horse and english thoroughbred horse after different types of work load [1]
    Comparative study of selected quality parameters during storage of carp (Cyprinus carpio) cuts packaged in vacuum and modified atmosphere [1]
    Comparative study of selected quality parameters of marinated mackerel packed in vacuum and modified atmosphere [1]
    Corelations among stress and meat quality parameters in pigs [1]
    Detection and tissue distribution of the nucleic acid and Cap antigen of porcine circovirus type 2 in domestic swine and wild boars [1]
    Detekcija i tkivna distribucija nukleinske kiseline i Cap antigena cirkovirusa-2 kod domaćih i divljih svinja [1]
    Determination of hair and milk cortisol and corticosterone as stress response indicators in cows treated with anti-ectpoarasitic drugs [1]
    Determination of heavy metals and metalloids content in the tissue of freshwater fish depending on the type of feeding [1]
    Determination of physiological parameters of newborn calves originated from dams exposed to heat stress during the late gestation [1]
    Disproteinemia and dislipoproteinemia during acute phase response in dogs naturally infected with Babesia canis [1]
    Disproteinemija i dislipoproteinemija tokom odgovora akutne faze kod pasa prirodno inficiranih sa Babesia canis [1]
    Efekat ekskretorno-sekretornog antigena mišićnih larvi Trichinella spiralis i antihelmintika mebendazola na ćelije melanoma u uslovima in vitro i in vivo [1]
    Effect conjugated linoleic acid on production performance, quality of meat and meat products of fattening pigs [1]
    Effect of conjugated linoleic acid in the diet on performance and meat quality of broilers [1]
    Effect of energy bilance on endocrine and metabolic status of cows [1]
    Effect of essential oils on survival of salmonella spp. in pork packaged in vacuum and modified atmosphere [1]
    Effect of heat stress on cows's hormonal status in the lactation period [1]