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    Seroepizootiology and molecular diagnosis of Neospora caninum infection in cattle in Serbia [1]
    Study of antibiotics resistance in bacterial strains isolated from fish collected from different environments [1]
    Testing of contentsof heavy metals and metalloids in tissues of river fish as indicators of fish meat safety and environmental pollution [1]
    Tetracycline resistance in lactic acid bacteria isolated from traditional serbian cheeses [1]
    The effect of addition of various amounts of sodium butyrate in the diet on health and performance of piglets [1]
    The effect of different sources of fat on performance and meat quality of fattening pigs [1]
    The effect of excretory-secretory antigen of Trichinella spiralis muscle larvae and antihelmintic mebendazole on melanome ells in vitro and in vivo [1]
    The effect of medetomidine combined with propofol and sevoflurane on serum cardiac troponin I during gastroscopy in dogs [1]
    The effect of oral administration of organically modified clinoptilolite on colostrum quality in primiparous dairy cows [1]
    The influence of absorbed radiation dose on the degree of oxidative stress in rabbitsʹ organs after computed tomography performed by different protocols [1]
    The influence of different ways of packaging on the Salmonella spp. growth in the minced meat [1]
    The influence of heavy metals from feed and water on deep frozen bull's semen quality [1]
    The influence of high vitamine c doses on neutrophil granulocytes functions in cows with subclinical masitis [1]
    The influence of propylthiouracil and iopanoic acid on thyroid axis and glutathione peroxidases activities in selenium adequate and selenium deficient juvenile rats [1]
    The influence of selenium deficiency and deiodinase inhibitors on innate and adaptive immune responses in juvenile rats [1]
    The influence of the application of propylene glycol during peripartum period on energetic status and fertility of cows [1]
    The influence of the chosen pre-mortem procedures to parametars of stress and quality of meat in pigs. [1]
    The investigation into the efficacy of immunocastration aimed at the prevention of sex odour in boar's meat [1]
    The investigation into the efficacy of phytogenic feed additives in the control of swine dysentery and the monitoring of production performance in piglets naturally infected with Brachyspira hyodysenteriae [1]
    The investigation of the presence of Clostridium botulinum in honey and honey bee samples [1]